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  • Thrive Global School

    “We care your child to drive with qualitative life.”

    Early childhood education is the foundation for any successful person. With regard to this, Thrive Global School marks the beginning of a promise to bring quality education to the lives of children.

    “A sense of curiosity is nature's original school of education.”

  • Learning at Thrive

    Thrive is unique with its curriculum designed to create brainy kids. As per our schedule, we have adopted:

     X-Seed Syllabus

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     Blended Learning

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  • Admissions

    Limited seats are available
    Admissions are open for PlayGroup, Nursery, Jr.KG, and Sr.KG.

  • Life at Thrive

    Our well-equipped classrooms comfort our kids without any distress. We train our students with educational toys, visuals, e-media.

    Grow Your Kid at Thrive
    --->Our schedule involves activities that encourage the kid’s growth. Our kids participate, work out, experience, and learn through our elite activities. This is a thought to drive the student’s attention to learn from their experience.
    ---> We believe in ‘learning needs freedom’. Hence, we leave our kids to explore and learn. Our staff will be always attentive to every kid.

    Thrive is Unique
     Well-designed AC Campus
     Blended Learning
     Xseed Syllabus
     Colourful Classrooms
     Audio-Visual Teaching
     Good Teacher-Student Ratio
     Music And Dance Floor
     Traffic Rules Teaching Floor
     Affortable Fee Structure
     Spacious Play Area
     Field Trips
     Transport Facility

    Please note - Admissions 2014-2015 is in progress.

  • Our Address

    # 26-5-286,Venkatreddy Nagar,
    Near Kamakshi Temple, Vedayapalem, Nellore.



  • X-Seed Syllabus

    This early childhood program focuses 6 core areas. They are:
    • Personal, Social and Emotional Development: To provide a smooth transition from home to the wider world which enables the kid to manage and take care of oneself.

    •Language, Communication and Literacy Development: To be able to explore and enjoy the use of words in languages.
    • Creative Development: To help children to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of mediums such as art, music, movement, dance, and role play activities.
    • Know and Understand the World: To develop problem solving skills, experimentation, prediction, experimentation, prediction, questioning, and decision making skills. Through these capabilities, a child can co-relate oneself with the world that one lives in.
    • Physical Development: To enable children to develop fine and gross motor skills and understand how their body works.

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  • Blended Learning

    • Synchronous: A visual displayed on the screen makes the kid to think about it. This aids the kid to develop self-understanding capability.

    • Asynchronous: Kid handles a device(PC or Laptop)to complete an activity. Through this, kid is able to develop self-operation and self-learning activities.
    • Co-Synchronous: Any physical or mental activity is given to a group of kids. Through this, kids learn team work, idea sharing, and leadership abilities.
    • Hybrid: Teacher instructs the child with a detailed description of a visual as per schedule.
    • Online: Kids learn through online classrooms. This exposes them to know things wide.

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